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Huge fan, just like everyone else.

Now I am going to yell at you and lecture you, although you probably don't really need the lecture.

Please blanket-bomb all of your users, as per Sarah and Alex and basically everyone else who is writing here.

If your customers/users are all begging you to do this in order to let everyone know, this seems like more than just an acceptable use of their email contacts, it seems absolutely necessary for the survival of the product. Any unwillingness on your part to follow through on what may seem to be spamming to some people is not just short-sighted (which it is); it will almost certainly prove to be fatal.

If you don't let everyone know that you need help and support, you are failing miserably to do what a business is supposed to do: Keep Your Customers Satisfied.

And then the whole question of whether or not you spammed everyone will be moot.

Totally unacceptable.
Brad, 8 years ago.

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