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This is one of those few apps that I use on a daily basis across multiple machine and OS's. It would be a major crimp to my work flow as the other "sync services" I pay for don't achieve even a fraction of this functionality, as their proprietary nature prevents them from syncing cross platforms and across browsers.

You have a very good product, you have a strong customer base, but just need a good business plan to make it profitable. People will pay for your service, so see if you can make your business model float on those anticipated revenues and then see what other options you can generate revenue from. No one else on the market has your unique product, its capability, nor its promise.

I've been a user since you were Foxmarks and have come to depend on Xmarks to sync other FF add-ons essential to my business. It would be a shame to lose such a service on the crest of your success.
Ricardo Ramos, 8 years ago.

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