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Very simply put, if you use two or more browsers, and you want the Favorites, Bookmarks and / or links (the name depends on what your browsers call links, Xmarks is really the only game in town promising to keep those Favorites, Bookmarks and / or links up-to-date & identical.

Until I started using Xmarks, there was no real viable solution on the market, free or otherwise, that simply kept my links synced across the three browsers I use on a regular bases... IE 8, Firefox & Chrome.

Within each of the 3 browsers I mentioned above, there is a way to the links synced within the same browser across several machines, but if your like me and use 3 different browsers on just one machine and want your links synced for any reason... Xmarks is the only program that I have found that will do it.

I will pay anything reasonable to keep the links, Favorites or bookmarks (whatever you want to call them) synced & up-to-date across my 3 browsers on 1 machine. Reasonable to me is anything under $30.00 per year.

I should also state that if you have several browsers on several machines, I believe Xmarks will keep all links across machines & browsers synced as well, but as the owner of only 1 laptop computer, I have not tried doing that, but I see know reason it would not.

John R. Moriarity, Sr.
Woodstock, Georgia
John Moriarity, 8 years ago.

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