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There is no alternative to Xmarks for me.

Xmarks allows me to easily add bookmarks from any of my computers using any of my browsers, and also to access those bookmarks via a web page while using a borrowed computer without needing to make changes such as installing a browser toolbar.

While Google provides tools that do some of this, those only work if I am consistently logged into a single Google account. In support of clients, I log in and out of multiple Google accounts over the course of a day.

I also like being able to keep my bookmark data in a different basket from other personal and usage data. Being able to easily back up my bookmarks in an HTML file is another plus. And I value the "smarter search" feature of Xmarks, which helps me filter search results to find quality web sites.

Sad day for me if/when Xmarks goes out of business.
Catherine Marshall, 8 years ago.

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