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I am a big fan of the profiles feature of xmarks. It is extremely useful to be able to mark what folders should be synced to my work computer and which should only be available to my home computers. The cross-browser syncs are great as well, but until chrome fixes its password storage in linux, I am unwilling to use it.

I don't find a lot of value in searching the most commonly bookmarked sites, but I am sure ad companies would love to have access to this information. Leaving out the source of the information (ie the users), links could be made amongst bookmarked pages. For example, 75% of the people who have digg bookmarked also have facebook bookmarked. Therefore, as an ad company I should focus facebook application ads on digg.

So basically, the $10-$20 pledge would ideally be for hardware / development of the sync service. I would encourage the xmarks to forgo the search aspect and keep working to sell the data it collects (assuming it is 100% anonymous) to eventually make the service free again.
jalto, 8 years ago.

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