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I cannot live without your tool.
I'm using on 5 machines, IE/FF mixed and this is the only tool works as I expect.
As someone said already, I cannot believe you could not fund out the business from the tool itself.
I'm happy to subscribe paying £10 year now, but for long term, I must be honest I cannot be sure, and I bet I'm not the only one.
You guys need to consider another way to sum up business based profit too.
As many other business, you should be able to sell "premium" service to corporation and free version to consumer.
Saying, security controlled password/web search synch? Customised per corporation network? I know other security app corps do have single login user service (one log-in check then you can use all installed apps using the credential), why don't you tug up or sell interface?
I can see a lot of business case using your app because your app is really special and reliable for me.
Hope you the best.
MISA RK, 8 years ago.

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