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$10 annually would be the right price for an individual non-business user. Please don't make it higher than that, or at least structure the pricing based on a commercial/personal basis or some other tiered setup. As other commenters have mentioned, you have a UNIQUE service of highly functional cross-platform syncing. This has to have value in the marketplace, and it sounds like there are people out there who can continue to deliver this service, if you have decided that you can't.

I hope you've given enough time to get these pledges together - all of this has happened VERY quickly, I'm not sure you've allowed sufficient time for the impact of your news and the pledge idea to work its way around to all affected users. Please don't pull the plug prematurely, give it time to work out without cutting off our service. Many thanks, and good luck to Xmarks in whatever form the future holds.
Eileen Lehner, 8 years ago.

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