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Hello guy's,

I must admit that I am shocked but also quite surprise about your blog story.

Another poster made the appropriate remark. Xmark is critical for a "road warrior". You have been misled to think that you needed to build a commercial model on the content of of your "corpus", I could have told you that this would not have worked.

XMark strength and commercial potential lays in th capability to synchronizing across web platform, even if your not in the office. I was so happy to find you guy's because IT SAVE ME HOURS of work syncing my 2 PC and 3 notebook. I spend 1 to 2 hours a month doing this, being the CTO of our company you can calculate what this mean.
Our normal employee fee are 49€ a hour (plus taxes). My modest cost are around 200€ per hour in consulting or development. I am not telling you this because I want to brag but because I want you to think about following question: If I spend about 12 to 24 hours per year (half a week per year) synchronizing all my browser information (therefore not making any revenue for our company since I am syncing my data), don't you think I (or our CFO) would gladly pay 79$ a year to get the work done in 10 minutes with your tools

This is your business tool, this is what you need to sell, with 2 million user and this, it should no be a big problem to find a VC in the US to do a relaunch.

Keep on fighting, I have been there, done it all, don't give up.
Brice De Ron, 8 years ago.

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