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To the users that are expressing skepticism about the founders' motives, using words like scare tactics, etc.... that's not how it went down at all. XMarks sincerely tried to find a way to make it free, they spent all investor's money, and at the end of the day couldn't find a way to make it work, so they announced they were shutting down.

In response to that, many users, myself included responded with "hey, you never even asked us to pay, why not? We'd be happy to, because it provides a service that doesn't exist elsewhere."

Hence this pledge, to try and validate that business model. IMO, This is a MUCH better way of doing it than just putting up a "donate" button, taking people's money, and then shutting down anyway if not enough users put their money where their mouth was. At least this way the founders and their backers will get some idea if the pay model is even an option.
Phil Shenk, 8 years ago.

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