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I think this is more than reasonable. I have used the Xmarks Service for about a year and a half. I never had a single issue, and the knowledge that I always had the configuration for my various browsers (including passwords) at my disposal had made my life easier many a time when travelling.

I hope that the company continues to operate and expand synchronization scope (I am thinking OpenMeta for instance) to allow me to have as much of my computing environment at my disposal as possible.

$10 or $20 a year is trivial for this service. As a matter of fact a good idea might be to have different levels of service. Charging $5 for one browser and then $2 for every additional browser. Extra $1 for additional profiles, $3 for password sync, etc. This way, people who don't want do use certain services (or are uncomfortable using them) will not be paying for them, and will probably be more likely to sign up for the service, as they will feel that they are not putting themselves at risk, and are not paying for something they do not use.

Best of luck!
Daniel Dolinov, 8 years ago.

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