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I've been a user since the FoxMarks era.

I am willing to commit a tad further for a year subscription, in the ball park of $20-30/year (I don't know the full spread of your userbase) to donate/support this service that allows coherent cross-platform and cross-browser syncing, the biggest feature I find important. The password sync has also been useful, although I've been wondering if further development could be done to create separate profiles. Your implementation of password syncing has been more reliable than Citrix's!

Alternatively, I would be open to if the software were modified to support other backends if they'd like to offload some of their server costs if XMarks would like to create a different longer-term future for the product.

Above all, I appreciate the effort put into this product over all these years I have been a happy user and content user. If you don't continue this endeavor I would still be interesting to hear about your future projects.
Evelyn Blackwell, 8 years ago.

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