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Thanks for clarifying that for me Richard. I'm glad my twisted suspicions were wrong and that this pledge is not anti-CA.

I think the Chairman of the CA is more of a figurehead for the public than someone who actually does anything; and Kate Hoey is certainly well known. So hopefully it should take up very little of her time. The majority of MPs' 'public' work should indeed be spent on the concerns of their constituents. I suppose I could justify her decision by saying that MPs vote on all issues, not just those of immediate concern to their constituents. Kate Hoey gave a brief explanation for taking the job on the link I've posed below.

It does seem a bit crummy that she doesn't have a website - but I suppose that saves on her expenses. Or you could volunteer to run it on her behalf...? ;)

Good luck with your efforts to make MPs more accountable.


PT, 13 years ago.

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