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Good for Kate Hoey! It's so refreshing to see an MP standing up for what they individually believe rather than towing the party line like the mindless sheep most of them are.

What's more ironic Sean is that the only other government to ban hunting with dogs was Hitler's. Hitler too was fond of his "furry friends." Pity he didn't extend the same respect to his fellow humans.

No Dave, unfortunatley you won't see the splendid sight of man working in harmony with the environment to control vermin in a natural manner - Mr. Blair banned it to placate his spineless MPs after they voted to destroy human lives in Iraq. See any similarities here between Hitler's love of animals and disregard of human life...?

Of course, if there were some culling of foxes in Lambeth in a natural manner you would find that the urban foxes would be considerably healthier than they are at the moment - now that is a real animal welfare concern.
PT, 13 years ago.

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