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David Davis has accurately read the mood of the country and, thankfully, brought to a head the festering resentment of millions of people who do not wish to sleepwalk further into a police state / surveillance society. It is, perhaps, ironic that of all the Fourth Estate which would, at one time, have believed the protection of our civil liberties to be a primary duty, only the voices of The Observer's indefatigable Henry Porter and The Guardian's Joan Bakewell have been consistently raised in opposition to the slow, and now not-so-slow erosion of everything we hold dear. (Personally, I am opposed to the reintroduction of the death penalty under any circumstances whatsoever - but this is, and must, I hope remain, a matter for individual MPs' consciences.) Thank goodness Davis has spoken out in the face of Cameron's apparent fixation with opinion polls. Very best wishes for the success of a vital campaign.
Stephen Williams, 10 years ago.

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