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I agree with T Young - it's not the services of an ex-cabinet minister in general that I'd want, and I'd definitely want to know what aims all other signatories had before signing up.

What I'd want is the ability to press ex-cabinet ministers, amongst others, in order to intensify action on climate change [given the evidence, for instance, that carbon sinks such as oceans and forstest are increasingly losing their capacity to absorb CO2, the increasing rate of Artic ice melt and thus fast approaching albedo flip, the evidence of Antartic ice melt etc. See].

Such action would require investment to decarbonise our economy - and provide a great many jobs in the process.

Is this what Justin Keating or any of the other signatories have in mind?

I'd be very happy to make a pledge for this purpose...
Anna, 9 years ago.

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