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I'll pledge £300 for common justice.

And for all the people who have
worked tirelessly to find cures for cancer over 20 years and are rewarded
with an honour. And for to all those who are brave and are rewarded with
an honour. And for the couple in their late fifties who have fostered
30 kids in their lifetime and are rewarded with a small honour. And for the man who started an enterprise in his garden shed and now employs 300
people earning Britain £millions for its NHS. And for the carer who
receives an MBE for 40 years selfless devotion to those who can't cope.

I'll pledge £300 to prosecute these crooks, because thanks to selfish and dishonest people like Blair and Levy, these small tokens of esteem, listed above, from the State - to its worthy citizens, are now (by
association) nearly worthless.

Well in Guido, my money's there mate.
Amazing Toad, 11 years ago.

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