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Look, now, I have no money but I think the whole loans-4-lordships business stinks, and praps it's libel, but I "allege" that "I reckon" the buggers was up to their necks in it. I don't give a stuff whether or not it has been going on for centuries, which it probably has since Edward II at least. The point is, it makes our country look shabby and shitty, and "unevolved", and therefore just like the crap going on over the water on the island of "Yahoorope", and in Russia, and all those unfortunate, yet-2-b-liberated places where we will have to go, sometime (as nobody else will) and do the regime-change business on them.

So I will undertake to do all sorts of internet-running-about for you, blogging, writing, all that stuff. Phoning people, stuffing envelopes, you just give me a list and I'll get on with that crap, cos something ought to be done. Good on you Guido.
david davis, 11 years ago.

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