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Thank you for your interesting comments on my pledge. I think that there is something in what you say - none of us want to cut down on our burning fossil fuels - but if we all do a little bit it will help a little bit. I know the Carbon footprint is crude but it does bring home the damage we are doing if we choose to fly abroad for our holidays or for a business trip. These are choices most of us can make for the sake of our children's futures.

I believe the only long term solution is for governments to get together and to tax fossil fuels heavily at the point of extraction.

With regard to your idea of planting trees, recent research has shown that planting trees (apart from in a narrow belt around the equator) will not reduce the global warming effect in the atmosphere. In fact it may even increase it. This has put me off tree planting "offsetting" initiatives.

If we plant trees and use the fuel and stop using fossil fuel that would help.
But you can't run a car or an aeroplane off wood (at least not yet).

Jonathan Samuel, 11 years ago.

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