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It's good that you are asking people to cut down on the carbon footprint, but is it really the right way to go about things? It can't do any harm, but will it do a significant amount of good? Maybe there are better ways to the same goal. We all want our planet to survive in a fit state for us all to live on. I've tried the carbon footprint calculator and it is too crude. I will become less effective if I stop using my car and my tipper and my excavator and lawnmower and so on, and I am in many ways typical of the majority. The majority will not cut down on energy usage of themselves. There are ways that we can all be helped to do this, but they are complex and involved. I am starting something that could take these things forward. I don't have a website yet, but I will get one constructed for me this year and start promoting my ideas. One idea is to buy up land to grow trees on. I have just paid £20,000 for 6.25 acres in Rhyd Y Fro,Pontardawe near Swansea. It's half wooded already. Millions of us have to buy millions of acres and grow billions of trees to absorb the carbon we are burning. Eventually there will be enough wood to use instead of the dwindling fossil fuels. And as long as there are many other changes we'll get enough gaseous, liquid and solid fuels from wood, as well as building materials, to power our systems without fosil fuels. But we need to get on with buying the land and planting the trees as quicly as possible.
Robert Howes, 11 years ago.

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