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Now that the pledge is fulfilled, what next ?

The Home Office have made a small Freedom of Information Act disclosure regarding the new Designated Area procedures:

"8) What is the minimum duration of a protest or demonstration before it falls under the new regulations ?

8. There is no minimum duration to a demonstration before it falls under the new provisions.

9) Will a short walk in and around the Parliament Square "Designated Area" entail getting prior permission from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police if you happen to be wearing a "political slogan" T-shirt or badge ?

9. The definition of a demonstration is ultimately a matter for the courts.

14) Does a separate notification of a demonstration or protest have to be submitted for each and every day, or part of a day that it lasts ?

14. A separate notification needs to be submitted for each new demonstration, however long it lasts. However one letter could seek authorisation for more than one demonstration."

for more details see
Peaceful Protestor, 13 years ago.

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