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No reply yet from the "Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis" regarding a general, anytime, anyplace, indefinate notice of an application to demonstrate, intended to test the bureaucratic procedures which should have already beeen put in place.

Still no published clarification, guidance, code of practice etc. of what exactly "in the reasonable belief" of a "constable in uniform" constitutes a "demonstration".

There is nothing on the face of the Act which would prevent your arrest for simply wearing a "political" slogan T-shirt, badge, rubber wristband or holding campaign literature etc., anywhere in the "public places" of the Deignated Area, including the public areas of the Palace of Westminster itself, where people traditionally lobby their Members of Parliament, face to face.

There is a public meeting next Wednesday 13th July to help organise peaceful resistance to these restricions on spontaneous demonstrations.

Further details on the
Parliament Protest blog:
Peaceful Protestor, 13 years ago.

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