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I've lived in Leyton for about 20 years and am naturally very excited by the prospect of the Olympic Games being on our doorstep. As a local resident I was co-opted onto the Board of the the SCORE project which recently built a splendid new community and sports centre in Leyton. This is already being well used but, like so many good things, despite a lot of printed publicity, many Leyton residents have failed to notice these impressive new facilities and so they are not all getting the full benefit from it.
These days a Celebrity name is the most powerful tool there is for getting people's attention so it would be great to get Mr Blair on board to help us get more Leytonites to make full use of these superb new facilities.
So let's hope plenty of other celebrities will join in this scheme so that London's youngsters and sportspeople will get a good head-start towards winning England some medals when the time comes.
Heather Joy, 13 years ago.

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