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£65 million funding for sport.
Olympic and paralympic sport in the U.K. received a massive boost in funding leading up to the Beijing 2008 games.The announcement is a result of the government decision to allocate up to £300 MILLION to athletes preparations for London 2012.
Gareth,do you know what you will be doing after 2012? I dont.Dont you think 6 years helping a sports club is enough?
Wellington ordered his troops to lie down on the ground to avoid the balls.
I am ,gentlemen lying down to avoid the balls you are fireing at me.
What if Gordon Brown? will Tony Blair in 2012? what if my tea gets cold?
so what.Lets get to 2012 and inspire the young along the way and stop worrying...Goodnight and Good luck.
EDMUND, 13 years ago.

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