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Gareth makes a great point about what happens after the olympics.

'The investment in sport in the following 4 years will be a great deal more.'

Yes, it probably will. In two years time, it will probably be too late for all those youngsters you keep talking about, they will either be in sport or not.
The reality is most of the money to fund the olympics and the development of young athletes will come from the lottery, this is no bad thing in itself.
The major problem is the PM in 2012 (probs Gordon) will almost certainly tak e as much credit as possible for the success of the games (whats the betting that all the British medal winners visit Downing Street for a photo op), this will happen even though Brown has done next to nothing to get those athletes to the games.

I want to see a great games in London, it maybe my only chance to go to a great event like that, I want to be in a great stadium, built on schedule and within budget, and I want to be there cheering on British medal winners.

My problem that instead of trying to achieve all this, people like Blair are already using this for political capital, rather than putting in what is needed to make sure the British athletes are good enough.

I hate the politicization of things like this, why can't it just be a good thing for the country (debatable) as a whole and not have any spin surrounding it.

The thinking from Team Blair is pretty clear.
Objective: make Blair look good at a time when it is very difficult for him and elections are on the way.
Fact: most people think the olympics is a good thing
Solution: associate Blair with the olympics, in any way possible.

I bet that if there is a big problem and scandal in the next couple of years about olympics funding, Blair will be the last person to trumpet about this great sports club he's the patron of.

That is the major problem with having a politician doing something like this, they will only be involved while it is politically favourable for them to do so.
Sam Hayes, 13 years ago.

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