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im surprised no one else has spotted this but tony says he will work with the club in the approach to the olympics, if we take out the party politics that fills so much of this page, we can still see no sign of intention of continuing his support for the club AFTER the olympics, thus whichever way you look at it, its a pretty lame effort to make him look good and doesnt in any way how that he cares about sport.

on the point of pride of Londoners, the only Londoners i know couldnt care less about the olympics, they are more concerned about Arsenal moving away from Highbury. Give the games to a different city which has character and people who have pride in where they come from, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds would all have been suitable candidates.

The only good that has come from the olympic bid is that the extra publicity for sport has highlighted the funding problems, helping to improve the system rather than helping one small sports club would be a much more worthwhile project for any of the individuals who have signed the pledge!
gareth, 13 years ago.

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