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July 1940 Over the green fields of south east England.
640 British Fighter aircraft are up against 2,600 Luftwaffe bombers and fighters.
Give it up, Gerard cried out,we dont stand a chance we are outnumbered four to one.Churchill would have none of it.Sit back down in your armchair Gerard and let the Battle of Britain begin.This is Great Britain Gerard we have faced far greater challenges than running the Olympic games.We have the fourth largest the world and more millionairs per square inch than any other country.Now why dont you get up out of that armchair,visit the Olympic bid website and volunteer to do something positive instead of taking pot shots at our role models.
Oh by the way old bean you say you read the post about the £34.5 MILLION THE GOVERNMENT has allocated in the March budget 2006 but then say the government should put their money where their mouth is...
EDMUND, 13 years ago.

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