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By the way: "Sport will bring this country together under one banner." Ha ha ha, Edmumd, good one. Which one country would be being supported by the newly united British public?

It obviously couldn't be England; there must not be any overt support for the country we're actually in for fear of upsetting people who, by and large, chose for themselves to come to, err England. See how many Crosses of St George you find displayed or flown publicly this Sunday. I wouldn't consider supporting anywhere else.

What would be on this banner, exactly? Would you recommend it's written in every one of the 6,000-odd live languages in the world to show we're all united now? This is going to be a very big banner.

Or is the truth that really the Olympics don't unite anyone (except greedy businesspeople, eager to get their hands in the our pockets again) and cynical crap like this pledge do nothing AT ALL to further unity or committment to sport?
Gerard, 13 years ago.

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