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London won the right to host the Olympics, and this is something to celebrate. What we need to do now is to win hearts and minds for the Olympics.

The PM's pledge is an opportunity to put aside the traditional cynicism that pervades both British public life and the public's view of our politicians and other "public" figures.

Local communities can achieve great things given the opportunity to do so and a constructive approach by the powers that be The PM's pledge is symbolic of this.

An example of this is our SCORE Project in Leyton, on the periphery of the Olympic Zone. In pulling together 11 different funders from the Regenration, Sports, Health and Community Sectors, we have been able to provide a high quality sports and copmmunity facility in the heart of east London directed primarily at the local community.

Because of this we are able to offer to all members of the local community the opportunity to participate in sports activities, obtain professional coaching and expertise at whatever level they play, or aspire to play, at.

We would welcome the PM's support of our sports club to show what can be achieved by working together, and to demonstrate, by example, that the Olympics, like sport generally, is for everyone.
Stephen Cain, 13 years ago.

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