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Edmund - she's right, you're wrong. Full stop. 'Now Natasha'?. You are just about the most patronising person it has ever been my misfortune to come across. If I were you, I'd give this one up as a bad job. This was never a good idea, it was only ever a ploy by the Nu-Lab spin machine, and it's been exposed for what it is. What I'd like to see is real commitment from this sorry-arsed fag-end of a corrupt, sh*t stained so-called 'government' to some real social action, not mimsy posting on two-bit message-boards like this. Where's the REAL money for sports clubs? Why do we have athletes complaining that they can't get funding? Why do we have schools that have to shell out for sports facilities because this government has permitted the selling-off of the playing fields? If there's one beef that rings true about this whole thing, it's that THIS IS PURELY FOR SHOW. And, as usual, being seen to APPEAR to do something is so much more bloody important that ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING. There may well be a tidal wave of Olympic support, but this is most definitely NOT the start of it. By the way, you are Peter Mandelson and I claim my five pounds.
Ben Harding, 13 years ago.

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