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Liberation of Iraq, Natasha, is an off topic comment.
Why cant you just stay with the pledge?
I will become the patron of a London
community sports club.
Nothing to do with Democracy in Iraq.
Posting of Tom Steinberg,pledgebank staff,Monday 10th April
"weve started deleting comments that are off topic".
Si quoted the genocide in Iraq you told him "he was off topic".
Now Natasha.This is Pledgebank.
You make a pledge and you ask people to
support it.You do not expect to be hung drawn and quartered for making a worthwhile pledge.
I think this is a fantastic pledge.
This is the start of a tidal wave of
Olympic support.
I know many more pledges will follow,
if we are positive,with worthwhile constuctive critism.
EDMUND, 13 years ago.

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