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If you want to have a go at someone for attacking things for selfish reasons, have a look at your beloved Mr Blair. I'm sure the real reason he went into Iraq with Bush was to depose Saddam, and not to keep his mate happy and get in on the oil grab while he was at it.

If not shut up and stop having a go at people for expressing honest opinions. I have no "selfish" reasons for "attacking" this pledge. I only want to express my opinions on it. My opinions are as valid as the next person even if that person happens to be you.

If you call us whingers or whiners one more time, I'm going to make an official complaint to pledgebank about you and ask that they prevent you from posting further. I find it offensive that you consider your opinion to be the only one of any worth, and that anyone who disagrees is automatically just selfish, whining, or whinging. Do you have children? Do you know what whinging and whining sound like? I do, and the arguments I've read here against this pledge are neither, so get your facts straight or stop posting.
Natasha Long, 13 years ago.

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