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Edmund, my friend, I'm not in the slightest bit 'worried' about anything, in fact, I didn't use the word once.

If I'm worried about anything, it's the functionality of your shift key, because shouting out the same phrase so many times means you're either incredibly obnoxious or have a faulty keyboard; I'd get it fixed if'n I were you.

As for Blair's Govt? They worry me enough the rest of the time. Happy Easter? I've had a nice weekend, but I've very little interest in a pagan festival of spring.

Although the chocolate is nice...

This pledge is a publicity stunt. That's all. If it was meant as anything else, it would have been done properly. It hasn't been, ergo it's nought but a stunt.

Shame, because the idea is a good one.
Mat Bowles, 13 years ago.

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