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So, back to the pledge itself. Who are these so-called 'public figures' that have signed up? I recognised some of the names of course, Livingstone, Jowell, Ireland, McKeating, Lambert, Grant and Whitaker need no introduction, but the rest?

Googling gets me a celebrity hairdresser, a baroness spokesman for London First (that makes sense), someone whose name only shows up on pledgebank (Georgina Lansbury and 'carl' something.

If Tony had really wanted this pledge to succeed, he needed to ensure that a number of celebrities were already poised to sign up before it went live, and set the target at a higher level, get more people to sign up and give it more publicity.

So, either he and his team are utterly incompetent at media relations and publicity, or this is merely a cynical PR stunt. I can't see any other analysis.

It wold be a good idea, but the way it's been done makes me think it is nothing but a stunt. This saddens me, more evidence that Tony's govt is too tired to cary on.
Mat Bowles, 13 years ago.

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