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"Do you really think Tonys guys are so you not think they would know they would be hung out to dry by hard nose pledgers?"

A lot of people visit pledgebank, of many different political persuasions, thats why they try to be non-partisan.
Yeah, there are a lot of pledges against government policies, but that is because there is no point making a pledge for the government, 'I will comply fully with the brilliant new law the government just introduced but only if 10 other people do', that would be stupid.

"They know there are no votes to be had on pledgbank.Even if pledgers saw Tony blair walking on water they would say he is standing on Gordon Brown swimming below the surface.So is it all worth maybe 30 votes?"

Like I said before, most people don't read the comments, and those that do are unlikely to read past the first 4 or 5.
In any case I would say the posts are only 60:40 against Tony. If you can think that this isn't a publicity stunt, why shouldn't others.

30 votes? Really that little? Tony gave an interview to The Metro where he specifically mentioned this pledge on this website, this was on the same day the pledge was launched, so there were very few comments. The Metro has a readership of 1.7million people(the majority in London)(, only 30 votes, eh?
There was also a mention in The Times, with a circulation of nearly 700,000. Granted Times readers will be less likely to vote because of a publicity stunt like this and are a lot less likely to vote Labour anyway. I don't know whether this was in any other newspapers, but I'm sure that more than 30 votes will be decided because of the pledge.

People in this country are a lot less likely to vote because of policies, often, especially for undecided voters they vote on the general impression they get from the party and its leader (or how good looking they are, this is an attempt to make this favourable for Labour.

"So Tony blair sits up in bed and says to cheri. Darling I know how to win the elections there must be 30 votes on pledgebank for the taking."

If this was Blair's idea it wouldn't be so bad, but as I've said it was most likely thought of by an aide or a Labour official, or whoever is running the election campaign. Blair is a technophobe, if it was his idea he would write to public figures and there would be no chance to accuse him of anything.

"Tony next time just make the calls.." Well thats my point exactly, he doesn't need to use pledgebank, so why has he? I have a fair idea, whats yours?

Why now? The olympics were won on 6th July. Ok, 7/7 might have changed his plans a bit, but still it has been 9 months. Don't you think its a bit far fetched that he lauched the election campaign the same day he decided to make this pledge?

"Something to help the youth of today.
Something to give them hope and encouragement for the future. "
Thats exaggerating a bit, but yeah.
If only it was just that, and not a PR exercise as well.
Sam Hayes, 13 years ago.

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