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okay if he has such a great record on the economy i agree the economy has improved but not because of him , but because of market forces . Because contrary to popular belief Ken clark gave gordon brown a brilliant hand and it was his not Brown's idea to make the bank of england independant . Yet despite this We have a massive debt because of the amount of borrowing has had, and one of the highest taxers in europe. Gordon brown sees a thing and has it's favourite hobbies it for those who think that government should be in people's lives if it moves tax it .

Gordon brown dislikes the middle classes and this is why he constantly taxes them . yet we are paying more taxes , we have a massive debt and the economy is slowing down it's improvement with the amount we pay we would expect better public and private services but no this isn't the case . Are transport system is still the laughing stock of all developed countries , are NHS is becoming an overbloated cash cow , where people go in sick and become sicker through MRSA , millions of hospitals have to little beds , thousand are in the red and some have been closed and yet this is when we have paid the most into the NHS . Education , education , Education , we have some of the easiest gcse's in the world i know as a fact for someone who is gcse's and is going over past papers last year you just have to get 25% to get a C. Teachers can't tell off a student , for fear of a telling off at the state .

Finally this government according to a person who is 30 years older than me is the most interfering government he has ever know whether through taxes , speed camera's , national databases , DNA taken of people who didn't realise they were on the DNA database , can't wear a hat in a pub , yet you can completely pissed and cause damage in a pub , we have supposedly " voluntary id cards " , the curb of freedom of speech through the religious hate laws and being made to eat folic acid even if we dont want to.

Thankyou tony you've shown me big government doesn't work . It's like the great ronald reagan once said this is government's approach if it moves tax it , if If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.

Government alot of the time isn't the solution it's the problem.
stephen hoffman, 13 years ago.

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