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O.k.Sam this is your answer.

3000 pledgers have just signed the no2id site.
Do you really think Tonys guys are so you not think they would know they would be hung out to dry by hard nose pledgers?
Do you really think these spin doctors thought they would influence the type of people who read and contribute to pledgebank?They know there are no votes to be had on pledgbank.Even if pledgers saw Tony blair walking on water they would say he is standing on Gordon Brown swimming below the surface.So is it all worth maybe 30 votes?
Next question why now?
Your answer the elections.
So Tony blair sits up in bed and says to cheri. Darling I know how to win the elections there must be 30 votes on pledgebank for the taking.Lets get there before Cameron..
Or does he say 10 years of growth record breaking premiership maybe I should look forward to ending my record breaking run in 4 years time with a worthwhile pledge.
Something to help the youth of today.
Something to give them hope and encouragement for the future.
Now I could make 100 Ive got an offer you cant refuse phone calls or lets take the first 100 high profilers and see who we get.Tony next time just make the calls..
EDMUND, 13 years ago.

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