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Apart from the fact that you're way off topic with most of your latest post (considering Tom Steinberg's comments) Blair could have easily done this another way, which leads to my accusations of publicity mongering. He may not be in office much longer, but I am sure he doesn't want to be remembered chiefly for a legally questionable war. Anyway, back to the issue. If he helps one sports club, then he will have done a little bit of good, but as the PM, it is his job to do a lot of good, and he has demonstrably not done this. A last minute act of apparent altruism will not change the public perception of him, and will certainly not change mine. Also, I find it odd that so far only one London MP has signed up. You'd think that Tony would give his boys and girls a heads up and tell them that getting involved would really boost their popularity in the run up to the local elections. Or maybe he's just hoping that he won't get the required amount of pledges and won't have to see it through. I wonder.

And FYI; My information is taken from a variety of sources. It is knowledge, rather than ignorance that fuels my cynicism. You only have to look around.
Natasha Long, 13 years ago.

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