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I'm afraid I stand firm on the PM's pledge. I don't vote Labour nationally, but Iraq is nothing to do with this, neither is the peerages nonsense, although the reaction to them is telling. In the former, the average of 20,000 deaths per year for 20 years was halted and replaced by 30,00 deaths in 3 years, in the latter, 7 Tory donors have had peerages in the lastest round so, under the cash for peerages theory, Blair rewards Tory donors (bear in mind there were only ever 4 Labour donors). So, one theory's illogical even using information in the sensational newspaper reports, and the bile generated towards Blair for choosing war over genocide (not peace, & don't forget Kofi Annan, Russia, Germany and France were getting money from the Iraqi regime so that ruled out diplomacy) thereby saving 30,000 lives in the last 3 years spills over into criticising his efforts to pledge support for domestic sport. As for the idea he's doing it for votes, he is going to step down before the next election so that idea makes exactly no sense.
At least with more people going to university, fewer people will believe the nonsense they read in the newspapers and educate themselves about what's really happening. I say we reward politician's good behaviour, and don't let ignorant cynicism, rather than rational skepticism, ruin something positive. If this was a famous film actor, everyone would be supportive, yet actors only pretend to be heroes and their story is very much 'spun'. I don't vote for Blair. I don't like his squeeze on civil liberties (neither does his wife, actually) but in regard of what he's being criticised for here he's either totally blameless or a real-life hero who's saved many lives. We just won't see it as such until he's played in a film by George Clooney.
si, 13 years ago.

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