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Edmund, everything you say confuses me. You wanted children to compete and run by standing proud. Now you think children are visiting this pledge because being on the internet gets them into the parks and sports centres.

"Tony Blair works and lives in London ..." Not in Sedgefield then?

I thought Live Aid was Britain's Live Aid. And if you've forgotten, it didn't solve anything. It didn't unite the country (we all agreed that starving babies were a very bad thing; but the damage done by the Tories vs the miners didn't heal).

I don't want to end up united with people under a banner. If I'm united with anyone, I want it to be because we agree on several fundamental policies. I remember a political programme on TV years ago which discovered both Ken Clarke and John Prescott in Ronnie Scott's jazz club. You could say that they were united by music -- but they didn't see it that way.

Finally, Edmund, you haven't signed up yourself.
Dave Weeden, 13 years ago.

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