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Absolutely right Edmund, we don't want the poor little innocent children seeing nasty things said about nice old Mr Blair.
Apart from the fact that young children are very unlikely to visit this site, how is it reasonable to suggest that children shouldn't see people bickering or whining?
By that reasoning I reckon we should move the watershed back to 6pm, we don't want the poor little kiddies to tune in to the 6'o clock news and hear about all the people Blair has sent to their deaths in Iraq, we don't want them to see nasty people shouting at each other in the house of commons now do we?
I think what we want these children to see is educated, reasoned debate, something this government has done its best to stifle, and why should they not see it on this pledge, but when you call every criticism of Blair bickering, whinging or whining I doubt we're gonna see that from you.
Yeah, fair enough, sports clubs getting promoted is a good thing, but
Do you agree that the timing of the pledge makes its motives highly suspicious?
Do you think that Blair is likely to fulfill this pledge?
Sam Hayes, 13 years ago.

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