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It is very easy to speak to Tony Blair on his website.
This pledge belongs to the children of London.
We do need to start support groups in other towns and cities but thats up to someone else.Maybe Sir paul or sir Tom.
Tony Blair works and lives in London and I think it may be pointless to support
a centre in Manchester.
I dont know what do you think?
I know we already do a lot for Africa.I know a lot will never be enough.Maybe a kind politician can give you some facts.
Look you guys We need some names,big names,does anybody know BRANSON.
3years ago we spoke to Nick Ferrari on a radio show asking Virgins Richard Branson to send a plane load of medical equipment to Iraq.
2weeks later front page news.Hes got loads of time and dosh....
Phillip green,mega bucks why not give some back to your customers?or your future customers?
Alan Sugar if you dont sign up in 30 days YOUR FIRED..
EDMUND, 13 years ago.

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