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Young hearts filled with enthusiasm.
Brave young athletes standing proud for our country.
We must give them all the encouragement
they need.
They will win by just competing,for they will be our best.
Their best will be enough for us.
So run young olympians run, we will not hold you back.
Dont slow to look for us,for we shall be there beside you all the way.
You are the future be proud to hold our standard high.
As we pass the baton to you,you can say to your children, you were proud to be there.
Just do your best,your very best,for
Queen (or King)and country.

This is not about politics,this is about encouraging our young to participate in the greatest event, this country of ours has seen, in a very long time.
We must not overshadow the great achievement of winning these games,with
bickering,winging and whining.
This pledge belongs to our young.
Positive comments,for positive young people please.
EDMUND, 13 years ago.

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