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I plan to honour my pledge by building a website for the club and promoting them heavily via grass-roots PR. I am open to approaches from any club involved in any kind of sport, but they must be willing to understand that we will be playing a new game with new rules; my rules. I would require my adopted team to wear orange jumpsuits as their uniform *and* play while wearing iron shackles on their legs and bags over their heads. The training programme will be rigorous... it will push local, national and international laws to their limits and - when nobody's looking - it will go way beyond these petty constraints. Of course, officially, all training will be by the book. For example... no-one will actually drown as a result; they will merely enjoy the repeated sensation of drowning... but rest assured that - despite such niceties - the road ahead will be long and hard (much like the lubricated broomsticks I will be using to punish the team when they fail to deliver the required results).
Tim Ireland, 13 years ago.

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