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si, if his motives were purely altruistic then he wouldn't need to have a pledge, this is an attempt to improve his image to get votes so he can cling on to office for as long as possible. And why should anyone apologise when he tries to bring this country close to a dictatorship with virtually every law he brings in (Legislatory and Reform, ID Cards,The Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act)
And when he refuses to apologise for lying to the country.
Yes, I would rather the PM didn't bother, because if I were a member of a sport club that he became a patron of, I would leave it, and the same goes for Livingstone and Jowell (don't know about the other two, I've never heard of them)
I would rather that he stepped down and let anyone with a bit more sense and a lot more honest take over.
I do intend to set up my own pledge and they will be purely altruistic, unlike Blair's.
P.S. si, I find it hard to believe that you still swallow all his (insert expletive here) after so long, you're either easily fooled, a diehard Blairite(some say they're one and the same), or the mastermind behind this whole thing (come on, TB couldn't set this up himself), so which is it?
Sam Hayes, 13 years ago.

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