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Silly, silly Edmund. Do you really think that would make the news? If the PM's pledge failed, his people would ensure that the news didn't touch it for fear of embarrassing their "great leader". And while you may not have made those WILDLY inaccurate comments until 3.59 this morning (do you really sit up all night trying to think of comebacks? How very, very sad.), we all know that if you had the choice, you'd be on your knees worshipping the very ground he walks on. If you don't like the comments that people have posted about Bliar, stop visiting this page. I know its your ONLY link to the outside world, but you really do need another outlet. And yes Edmund, people really do have so much time on their hands that they have some left over to "sabotage" the PM's publicity stunt.
Tasha, 13 years ago.

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