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Scratch Ben Scratch

Ben why not have a good scratch it will make you feel better.It will also benefit the young Olympians.
The cards are out today.

Now you guys and dolls are out of order...
This is your pledgebank dont let it be used as a political platform for the anti Blair lot.All the guy wants is to support a sports club.
Have I ever said this is one of the greatest Prime ministers this country
has ever had?
Have I ever said the country is better off than ever before.Have I made any political statement of any kind?
I never informed pledgebank of this sabotage for they would maybe just take two names off the list.I know there are many more..My silly alerts have drawn attention to the problem.
10 oclock news 26th July 2006.
Tony Blair today failed to complete a pledge to support local sports centres
with 100 other high profilers as five supporters pulled out in the last hour.....
EDMUND, 13 years ago.

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