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God-damn, has this thing not ended yet? Nice to see Edmund's enthusiasm is still boundless, sad to see his mail-order life has yet to arrive though.

Call me even more cynical than before, but since, as Mr Blair rather vainly specified, only "other PUBLIC figures" need apply, why the nonentity business and council types putting THEIR names (and job titles, aah bless) up? If you need to tell us who you are, you're not really a public figure are you?

Doesn't including a few of his remaining cronies further devalue what already seems a pretty worthless pledge? (I am presuming, of course, that it's not the Ali Campbell of UB40 fame's name up there, I note that the Baroness Morgan became director of political and government relations for No.10 in 2001 at the PM's instruction, Milords Triesman and Carter are labour peers enobled by Bliar in 2004 and are not known for their independence of thought or refusal to follow the party line.)

Can't say anything about the celebs (assuming the pledgers are who they claim to be), other than politics and sport aren't meant to mix. Be careful!

By the way, well done Mr Blair. Even padding the thing out with your mates you've still only just about reached halfway after nearly three months. Good to see you're giving this as much care and attention as everything else you tarnish. Roll on 26th July (so we can all get a life).
Gerard, 13 years ago.

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