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You guys... Are you still arguing with this TROLL?? I started when the PM first decided to use this forum for a blatant publicity stunt and to try to raise public support for something clearly no one (except trolls) wants. But I soon got bored of silly, silly Edmund and him getting on his mummy's computer to try to upset people. His comments to Ben are very telling of the kind of person he is and of the kind of life he leads. The fact that he is still allowed to post here is something I am wondering about, as I'm sure I got an email from Pledgebank assuring me that Edmund would be banned if he didn't desist his childish, trollish, playground politics. Shut up and go away Edmund, no one cares what you've got to say. You are taking up valuable planet space that could be far better used by someone else.

You see, we can all do condescending insults mate. Some of us are just better at them than others.
Tasha, 13 years ago.

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