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Surely we've only got the Olympics coz someone couldn't count!? I think it's more important to realise the devastation the Olympics will cause... East London's bad enough as regards traffic, public & otherwise? If anyone out there thinks our lives here will be inhanced, think again!

When I heard that the Olympics would be here I cried...

Camilla Cavendish summed up the financial reasons for NOT holding the Olympics here:

In financial terms, isn’t this a gamble of Olympic proportions? £3.8 billion is a lot of money to spend on feeling good for a fortnight. That’s more about 2p on income tax, and it’s only the initial estimate. The bill for the Athens Olympics is likely to come in at about £6 billion, more than double the original budget, even though the Greeks got the EU to foot most of the security bill. The 2000 Sydney Games went over budget and Australians are paying £18 million a year to prop up the Sydney venues. The good people of Montreal are still paying for the stadium built in 1976...

So come on Mr. Blair, there are more important things for the public's money to spent on isn't there?
Miranda (panda), 13 years ago.

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