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Dearest Porcupines,
As an early participant, I must say how much I thank you all for joining us so we could reach 5000 members and select such a wonderful state for our project! My first visit to New Hampshire was to attend Porcfest 05 and I was very pleased with the "Live Free or Die" state! I decided even before leaving Porcfest 05 that I was going to move as soon as I could get home and pack. Several weeks into preparations I decided that since I was "lightening the load" for the move, I would stay "light" for a year and visit Austin, Texas to help my friend Michael Badnarik with his congressional campaign. As you all know, Michael is a Free State Project Member and he was the 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate (on the ballot in 48 states)! Just imagine what it's going to be like with a declared Libertarian elected to congress! Politics will change forever with the "one creature with two heads body politic" slain. Michael's race is "everyperson's" race since he will represent all of us in our efforts and desire to return our "out of control" government back to it's Constitutional Republic roots and We The People! Just as our Founding Fathers pledged their freedom, fortunes, and sacred honor...we have done so joining the FSP...and I am continuing that pledge by helping my friend Michael. Won't you join us today and volunteer, contribute, and endorse Michael in this, most important, election. Please visit our website and keep up to date via our blog! Oh, I almost forgot to add that Michael has written a book, teaches a constitution class, and is also a Liberty Associate with the Liberty Dollar! Learn more at! Thanks again, to all of you, for standing tall in your freedom and for giving everyone else total respect for their liberty! Let's continue to judge all past, current, and future codes, laws, regulations, rules, etc. by their conformity to the "Zero Aggression Principle" AND "The Golden Rule." "When in doubt, throw them out..." That goes double for the corrupt politicians and triple for the judges who subvert the constitution and the people each and every day!

Live Free Or Die!
Rob Jacobs
Rob Jacobs - FSP Member 105, 12 years ago.

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